Evolution or revolution?

What if evolution could be accelerated by means of an horizontal transfer of genes? Historically, in our schools or in home, we have been explained that the male seeds a female, and they get children, that are not a copy of its parents, but a mix of characteristics inherited from them. That’s called a vertical transmission of genes. Mutation may also occur, but it usually sprouts defective cells that may generate cancerous tumours.

But an horizontal transmission of genes between two species? That’s so wicked that we could only expect to see it in a movie or videogame (for example, the Resident Evil saga, that transforms living beings into monsters).

The wolbachia bacteria is known to be involved in strange cases of asexual reproduction in wasps by parthenogenesis, but this transfer of genes is a step further in the way to become an essential part of many insect’s cells, an organelle like mitochondria is in almost every living being in the world. The consequencies of such adaptation are still unknown to the scientifical community, but the strange power of this bacteria (wich fortunately doesn’t infect human beings) is enough to arouse the curiosity of how it will develop in the future.

Otro enlace a la noticia, en español



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